Thursday, February 18, 2016

Black's Beach

It was a beautiful day in La Jolla yesterday and I figured I’d try stepping out of my comfort zone once again.

I jumped in my car and drove to Torrey Pines near the UC San Diego.    I got out of my car and looked out over a large cliff that had a windy stair trail that descended to Black’s Beach.    It was clear bright day and I thought about how fortunate I was to be wearing shorts in mid-February.    I began walking down the stair trail until I got to the beach.

I looked to the left and right and there were clothed and naked people all around.  It was definitely a strange mix.    I walked about 200 feet north and decided to plant myself there.    I removed my towel from my backpack and just sat there wearing my shorts and T-Shirt for about a half hour.   I decided I should go for a walk and check out the beach.    The question was should I go naked?   There were plenty of people wearing shorts and bathing suits walking and jogging on the beach.  

Figuring, I have walked beaches many times in shorts, I decided to strip down and walk the beach naked.   I rush of adrenaline went through me as I pulled my shorts off and I began to walk along the beach.   A young girl jogging on the beach wearing athletic attire was headed right toward me.   (e.g.   Not sure of the protocol I said Hi as she passed me.    A little further down the beach where two girls sunbathing.   Walking by them I took a quick gander and I saw how beautiful they were.   The first girl was perfectly waxed and thin.  Everything was visible, I could see her pubic mound and labia through her slightly spread legs.   The other girl had a well-trimmed bush hiding very little of her bits.   

Uh Oh – I could feel some blood rushing toward my penis.   My dick wasn’t quite hard but it was getting close.    I decided I better head back to my towel just in case.    When I got there I was pleasantly surprised that a threesome of girls had just arrived and where putting their towels down only about twenty feet from me.   I walked by them said hello and walked to my towel said hello and lay face down on the towel.    I cocked my head to the right and closed one eye completely and the other I closed most of the way allowing me to people watch the girls.    

Disappointingly they only stripped down to very revealing bathing suits.   Two of them wearing those butt revealing bottoms and one of them a complete thong.   I was feeling slightly aroused.   Two of the girls had arranged themselves so they could see me.  Occasionally, I would catch them glancing over at my bare ass.  After a while my back and butt were getting burned.   Should I turn over and show everyone the full monty?  

I did.   I looked down at my semi-hard penis lying on me.  I propped myself up on my elbows and looked around.   One of the three girls was definitely looking at my cock.   It was kind of exciting.

Yes, I will be back again.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Russian Bathhouse 

A friend of mine recommended Archimedes Banya to me a couple of years ago.   Archimedes is a Russian Banya (bathhouse) located in San Franisco.    The idea of going to a bathhouse was not something on my list of things to do in life and when I read that Archimedes was clothing optional it sealed the deal.   Its not for me.

Last Thursday night I was in the bay area and I was unbelievable stressed out and my friend suggested that we go to Archimes.   She said I would feel like a million bucks and sleep like a baby that night.   I took a quick look at their website and saw picture of naked girl in a hot tub holding a fish and a guy drinking a beer.   I figured maybe I should give this a try/

Well, we show up about seven and sign in.  The receptionists hands us a couple of robes and a blue electronic key for the locker.    My friend and I separate as she goes in the women's locker room and I in the men's.    I open my assigned locker and there are some flip flops and a couple of towels.   There is a door that says clothing optional beyond this point.   I strip down anxiously and put my robe on.   I go past the door a bit nervous and look around.  

I have to admit, it took me a couple of minutes to get used to the clothing optional part.   I am not used to seeing men and women naked together.   But the atmosphere was very comfortable.   About half the people were wearing bathing suits and half were nude.    My friend came out in her robe and suggested we try the sauna first.

Wow, it was the hottest sauna I had been in.   She went to the top of the sauna and I followed her and boy was it was hot.   After probably 15 minutes we went and jumped in a cold plunge.   The intense heat followed by the frigid cold: my heart was pumping like I just ran a marathon.     We went into a warm pool with five other people.    There were three girls and two guys.  One of the girls wore a bikini bottom but everyone else was naked from head to toe.   Its hard to explain but it felt really natural and everyone was comfortable.  We chit chatted with the others for a half hour or so.    The vibe was excellent.

After the tub we went up to the restaurant.    It was nice just slipping on a robe and taking a quick elevator ride.   An ice cold beer was just what I needed.     I ordered a beer and then thought - Oh no I have to get my wallet but the bartender politely explained no problem I just need your locker number.  

After the beer we went back downstairs.   The clothing required area was now a clothing optional area.   We tried a eucalyptus steam bath and the hot tub.   It was great.

By ten O'clock I was completely stress free and had a new lease on life.